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Ioteasy is a leading Smart IoT equipment and solution provider in the industrial and commercial retail IoT space. We provide integrated solutions around Health, Factory, Utilities and Retail IoT solutions. These include could be asset tracking, SCADA access, IoT communication, I/O and sensor platforms. Coupled with  dashboard, analytics and a range of APIs,  our IoT solution enables legacy systems to inter-operate with IoT and IT systems.  The outcome is to reduce cost, drive productivity, perform predictive maintenance, look at data aggregation and perform analytics all through the information provided by powerful Visualisation platform and BI tools.   


Smart Monitoring

Capture | Integrate | Predict




Monitor your equipment in-premise and remotely

Monitor human and equipment's output and input usage dynamics

Track, monitor and control your assets.

Our Commercial Model

Ioteasy offers a one time and subscription based commercial model for hardware, software and services. Our easy engagement and deployment process enable our customers to go into industrial and commercial IoT in a quick, scalable and affordable manner. What we offer are products and solutions that are industry leading and certified - ready to be deployed. Our hardware and software platforms are agnostics and integrates with most existing setup environment. On top of that, our solution offers customisation to accommodate interoperability functionality from day one. Pay for what you need and scale up in small steps in terms of financial commitment.

Smart Solutions - Verticals



Traffic tracker

Dwell Time

Zone Analytics


Marketing beacons


Fleet management

Supply chain




Smart Health

Smart Water

Smart Power

Smart Bin

Smart Environment








IoteasyView® is an integrated software, OS engine and compute platform to view and control your equipment's deployment, location and health status. Developed by Ioteasy to run on high availability cloud platform, the PAAS-OS, visualisation and compute power brings together various hardware and software into a single platform. The platform is available on portal (in-band) and phone app. Powered by Ioteasy's upcoming analytic platform, users can look at data analytics from the data that is logged. 

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Ioteasy is a part of the OTC Group.


Ioteasy revolutionises commercial and industrial IoT in a way that makes deployment easy for our customers. We create own our patented IoT products and solutions. We run a cutting-edge R&D business incorporating tomorrow's technology into our platforms. By catering to exiting platforms we can augment and scale customer's environment over time. This will minimise TCO (total cost of ownership) whilst maximising ROI (return on investment) over the short, medium and long terms. Our philosophy is around easy deployment and maintenance. Our hardware and software products are geared for open ecosystem interconnect.

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Ioteasy belongs to the OTC group



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