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ConsumeTracker® is an Ioteasy developed consumption tracking product looks at equipment consumption - what it consumes and emit. Equipments like power generators, pumps, hydraulics, motors or even cutting machines are put together to perform a certain tasks. By monitoring what they are tasked to do, we can determine its optimum level of consumption. Together with  EquipHealth®, we can determine whether the equipment is at its optimum operating level. If EquipTracker® is deployed, we can also determine if environmental and logical factors are contributing to positive or negative results.




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ConsumeTracker® is the brain behind IoT technology that tracks, gather and analyse information with regards to Air and Fluids. It encompasses smart water and power solution like monitoring leak detection, generation and distribution systems down streams. It is also plugs into smart garbage solutions that looks  at smart bin management, with analysis on garbage level management and efficient deployment of bin collection processes. Smart environment like rural, pest control and environmental monitoring are also a capability within  ConsumeTracker®. Together with EquipTracker®, EquipHealth® and IoteasyView®, the entire ConsumeTracker® can be further enhanced with a single design and deployment. Coupled with LTE, wireless and self sustaining power, remote monitoring above and underground can be carried out day and night without operational interruption. Ioteasy equipment are industrial grade that adopts high standards against tough environmental factors.


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