Collect, Monitor & Predict

EquipHealth® is an Ioteasy developed intelligent product that is able to equip you with the entire health status of your equipment ecosystem. It allows deep monitoring within the equipment, right down to the electronic component. Together with Ioteasy range of sensors and gateway products, EquipHealth® brings a new dimension to deep health inspection technology. Vibration, alignment, efficiency, material crack, temperature, electric and other environment analysis brings intelligence into the world of equipment diagnosis and prognosis. Equipment owners are able to draw predictive analysis from EquipHealth® platform.



High Availability



EquipHealth® provides a granular and systematic feature based deployment. Depending on the environment, different features can be turned on and subscribed based on the needs and wants of the industrial IoT setup. It has industrial grade outdoor protection against moisture, vibration, shock and surge.  EquipHealth® engine can also be modularised to co-exist with existing sensor, PLC or existing hardware set up. EquipHealth® is the main brain function of the Ioteasy product and solution set. It connects and control Equiptracker®,  ConsumeTracker® and sensors/actuators. It feeds vital information into Ioteasy View platform that pushes analytical information on to a desktop portal or mobile app. 

Physical Protection

Feature-based activation

20% customisable

Plug & Play