Process, Productivity & Production

FactoryEasy® is a vertical solution tailored for factory and manufacturing environment. FactoryEasy® helps to improve reliability and reduce downtime by making assets and equipment more intelligent. Our intelligent sensors and data collection points enable information and data logging to be optimised along production resources, advocating worker safety and energy efficiency. FactoryEasy® enhances the quality and production work ecoysystem with cognitive analytics to deliver data-driven improvements.

What we provide

Machine Health

  • Uptime

  • Failures

  • Diagnosis

  • Prognosis


  • HVAC

  • Work safety

  • Sentient

  • Productivity


  • Pre-issue

  • Fix, modify

  • Enhance

  • Post-issue


  • Forecast

  • Budget

  • Risk 

  • Governance

Factory IoT Revolution

January 16, 2019

Equipment and computers talk to each other in real time over the Industrial IoT. Production lines are digitally connected to supply, service and distribution networks to maintain optimal production, and data is passed between devices so that decisions to maintain quality and avoid downtime can be made.

The  multi-modal Industrial IoT factory will cater to customer go to market products. When the IoT platform scales up it will  allow a factory to quickly adjust production as demand comes in, using the same people and space.

Companies that have too many small suppliers and their ability to leverage size and scale becomes a problem, The multi-modal IoT plant is good for scalability and adaptation. It will give plants a chance to invest in the right tools, processes and training, keep machines utilized, and develop new products faster and cheaper. It will also drive more room for experiments and trying of  new things.

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