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As the significance of IoT grows in real time and critical infrastructure contexts, concerns about perpertration and security are also increasing. With new IoT connected devices being deployed in many industrial cases, the potential for externalattacks must be mitigated and protected from external and internal.  Micro and macro security protection from outside and within will be the most robust form of security.

Protecting personal information, company data, and critical infrastructure cannot be underestimated. Ioteasy solutions relied on hardware secure layer protocol followed by encryption technology to full secure IoT data and control.



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​Ioteasy security can be divided into the following three distinct components: Application service, End device​ ​and​ ​Transport. Depending​ ​upon the setup, we use SSL and IPSec as both are good options with considerable security pedigree.​ ​SSL protects data in transit by encrypting it. Data that goes through SSL protocols is encrypted with a (theoretically) unbreakable algorithm that will not reveal its secrets unless it detects secure SSL certificates on both sides of an ​​interaction — a process called a "handshake." Of course SSL is not the only security protocol we use. Ioteasy make use of TLS​, ​SSL's successor​,​​ ​​​wherever possible​​. The differences between SSL and TLS are subtle and extremely technical, but TLS is generally a newer and more refined system.​ ​We also employ other secure protocols like SSH, FTPS, SMTP with STARTTLS etc where applicable.

​​Any server can be a target of an attack and leaving servers unpatched ​is a high security risk​. We ensure that our ​machines ​are applied with proper fixes. Patches ​are applied​​ on different levels: operating system, additional server and service components, drivers, virtualization tools. High security patches ​are applied within 24 hours.​​ We employ various Hash/Encryption (SHA,​ ​DES, AES) methods and support the following​​ Security​, ​Certifications right out of the box​: SSL/TL​​S sup​​port​, WPA Enterprise security​, FCC and CE​.

Ioteasy is committed to ensuring the security of our infrastructure and our users' data. Our services are hosted on highly secure machines which enforce multiple layers of security via a variety of technological and human measures, not to mention that access to our machines ​is strictly limited to authorized personnel​ only​. Our machines are restricted to communicate only with white-listed IP addresses where applicable. Each of our critical systems operate on KVM and Xen virtualization thereby ensuring that no malicious machine can access the host itself or other machine's resources.​​​


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